Top 10 Must Try Local Foods in Bandung

Located in Jawa Barat, famous for its pleasant year-round weather and culinary delights it has to offer, Bandung. On weekends, visitors travel to the city to enjoy outdoor dining options are good, and street food is also delicious. Here is our list of must try restaurants in Bandung.

1. Mie Rica Kejaksaan

Image credit:Dunia Icip-icip

If you love noodle and spicy food, you must visit this place. To be honest, when you look at this picture, you must think that this is Spagheti Bolognaise right?. No, this is Mie Rica. Rica is Menadonese style spicy food. Dare to try this noodle, because it is very addictive.

2. Siomay Tulen

Image credit:Uktiana

The Siomay Stall is located in front of the famous Prima Taste Bakery. You will see many people buy these siomay for either dine in or take away.Siomay is one of the most favorite local food in Bandung. Made from “Ikan Tengiri” and enjoy it with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce.

3. Lapo Siagian

Image credit:Four Square

If you are a lover of fat, you must try this Lapo Siagian. They are famous for their grilled pork. Although it is located in a small alley, the place is always crowded. The restaurant sells Bataknese food.

4. Lima Serangakai

Image credit:Porky Park

Another alternative to enjoy Bataknese Pork roast in Bandung. As you can see, this offers a different style than the one before. Meat as tender as Siagian, but it is more spices in it. Also, a good place to try local food.

5. Sate Hadorie

Image credit:Sebandung

One of the best goat satay in Bandung. The meat was very tender and tasty. Perfectly cooked. The first branch lies close to the train station. It also offers Beef Satay too.

6. Martabak Nikmat Andir


This Martabak is magnificent. Just for your information, Martabak is an Indonesian style of pancake. They have a sweet and savory version as well. What makes people love this sweet martabak is, they are not too sweet and not too thick as well.

7. Ronde Alkateri

Image credit:Kuliner Panduan Wisata Indonesia

To end the day, you can have this Ronde to warm up your body. Ronde is glutinous rice balls stuffed with nuts and served with a light ginger and sweet soup.

8. Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo

Image credit:Resepi Nasional

The fried rice is usually red in color this time you should see it with the green color of the chili ingredients which are still young. Although only change the color but an expansion such as this can reduce the boredom if you often serves fried rice as a full breakfast menu.

9. Rawon Bakar

Image credit:Sharon Travelogue

Some of you may not be familiar with it because it is a traditional food of Indonesia. It comes from Surabaya. And there were pieces of beef served with some sort of black broth. The Rawdon they serve in your shop is quite different from what I usually find elsewhere. Sliced beef usually throw into the soup, but here, it is grilled and served separately

10. Poached egg nd smoked salmon

Image credit:Taste Australia

Satisfying breakfast of poached egg and salmon for breakfast or lunch.

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