Redang Island

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Top 10 Things To Do In Pulau Redang

Redang Island is a tropical island in Malaysia by the palm-fringed beaches and beautiful coral reefs. The island is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is also known as the island paradise for its beauty enchanted island. Redang located in marine protected area known as the Terengganu Marine Park. There are several small islands around Redang Island, ...

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Top 5 Exhilarating Outdoor Activities in Pulau Redang

More than just a white sandy beach with clear blue water, Pulau Redang (Redang Island) offers exhilarating activities to outdoor activity enthusiasts and extreme sport seekers. Explore Pulau Redang’s top 5 outdoor activities. 1. Scuba Walker Image credit: Scuba Activity Walker is specifically targeted to a larger share of “non-diver-tourists” to the island and beach in Malaysia. Using helmets water ...

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Top 5 Most Scenic Spots For Instagram in Pulau Redang

Redang Island is a group of small islands in the South China Sea, east of Peninsular Malaysia. Somerset is located in protected marine water, also known as the Terengganu Marine Park. It is located about 45 kilometers off the coast of Kuala Terengganu. Next to the main island of Redang many other surrounding islands smaller. The island is surrounded by ...

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Top 5 Place To Visit in Redang Island

1. Coral Beach Image credit: Coral Beach Redang is a place that enhance and exhilarates your soul with its peaceful scene and quiet surrounding. The place is bound to put every person who is stressed at peace as it takes you out of your daily life within the fast paced world. The beautiful clear water offers you the best diving and snorkeling ...

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Top 5 Restaurants in Redang Island

White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world. Redang Island is located at 45 km offshore of Terengganu. Redang archipelago comprises 9 islands, the Lima Island, Paku Besar Island, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, Ekor Tebu Island, Ling Island, Pinang Island and Redang Island. This archipelago is abounds with marvelous marine fishes, turtles and ...

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