Top 10 Restaurants In Penang

Penang is a food paradise in Malaysia, the so-called food lovers.They need to come here to try a variety of foods attractive and unique here.Penang has people of all races and religions, so no wonder Penang is food paradise for many the type of food that attracts here.Around Penang, there are many attractive restaurants.So, in our Top 10 Restaurants In Penang, below is a restaurant that you must try after you get to Penang, we believe you will not regret it when tasted various foods in Penang while eyeing the natural beauty of Penang.So plan your journey well, let’s go to Penang.

1. Lg Baru(New Lane) Hawkers Stalls.

Ask locals where their favourite hawker stalls are, and they’ll generally mention this night-time street extravaganza. Just about everything’s available here, but we like the stall serving char koay kak (a wok-fried dish of rice cakes, egg, crunchy pickled vegetables and bean sprouts); it also does great otak otak (a steamed fish curry).

2.Tho Yuen Restaurant.

Our favourite place for dim sum. It’s packed with newspaper-reading loners and chattering groups of locals all morning long, but you can usually squeeze in somewhere. Servers speak minimal English but do their best to explain the contents of their carts.

3. Teksen.

There’s a reason this place is always packed: it’s one of the tastiest, most consistent restaurants in town(and in a place like George Town that’s saying a lot). You almost can’t go wrong here, but don’t miss the favourites – the ‘double roasted pork with chilli padi’ is obligatory and delicious – and be sure to ask about the daily specials.


This is your chance to sample superb, subtly flavoured Peranakan-influenced cuisine. The stately dining room, that’s part of the Seven Terraces hotel, is decorated with a gorgeous collection of antiques, set to a soundtrack of live piano. Set four course dinners are served at two sittings (either starting at 6pm or 8pm).

5.China House.

You can’t really say you’ve been to George Town unless you’ve stepped inside China House. This block-wide amalgamation of shophouses is home to a variety of dining, drinking and shopping options. It all starts splendidly with the buzzy café/bakery, Kopi C serving scrumptious bakes, serious coffee and great light meals and just gets better from there.

6. Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre.

Before yet another bland guesthouse breakfast gets you down, consider a visit to this busy morning market area. A cluster of cafes sell Hokkien mee (yellow noodles fried with sliced meat, boiled squid,prawns and strips of fried egg), mee goreng (spicy fried noodles) and other dishes that have earned die- hard fans.

7.Cafe Ko Cha Bi Balik Pulau.

Run by friendly folk, this pleasantly decorated cafe serves a very tasty range of local dishes including a delicious laksa, Hakka rice and noodles and desserts such as ais kacang (syrup- and coconut-milk topped ice shavings, red beans, sugar-palm seeds and jelly).


A blissful beachside setting, more intimate atmosphere and daytime dining gives Khuntain the edge over the neighbouring seafood restaurants at Teluk Kumbar. The steamed fish is excellent and you can choose from all the usual Thai dishes.

9.My Nonya Favourites.


Nothing to look at, this humble restaurant rightly gets the thumbs up from in-the-know locals for its tasty, authentic Peranakan (Nonya) dishes such as cincalok cher bak (stir-fried belly pork) and eggs belanda (eggs in tamarind gravy). The set lunch (RM6.90 to RM11.90) is a steal.

10. Nasi Padang Minang.

Serve-yourself, buffet-style restaurants generally opt for quantity over quality, but the Padang-style Indonesian curries, stir-fries, soups, salads and grilled dishes here are uniformly vibrant and delicious.

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