Top 10 Restaurants in Perhentian Island

As with most tourist resorts, the food in the Perhentian Islands varies very much as encyclopedic menus attempt to cover every possible whim of the famished traveler and end up doing nothing in particular very well. If you want to be sure of a delicious meal then avoid western staples such as burgers and pizzas and don’t forget to try the authentic Malay dishes which no self-respecting local would prepare badly.This article will provide you top 10 restaurants in Perhentian Island.

1. Mama’s Place  Restaurant


This is the only other largish restaurant located at the north end of Perhentian Besar. Their menu is closer to typical village fare.However, the nighttime BBQ fish is not to be missed.The portions are far more cheaply, and the spices are much bolder/fragrant than the rather plain BBQ offerings from Watercolours. As well, it is the more economical of the two restaurants. Try roti canai for breakfast and Pisang Goreng for dessert. Service is amiable but slow, so expect to wait over half an hour.

2. Yellow Station Cafe

This restaurant located at the east end of the South beach.The resort has two restaurants, one serving a la carte, the other as a deli buffet. Prices are quite high, but if you have breakfast/lunch/dinner coupons, the food is nice. Breakfast choice in May is not great but may get better at the height of the season. There is normally a BBQ at dinner times serving fish, squid, chicken, and beef. The place is clean too, just ignore the stagnant marsh behind the resort and the rubbish along the beach.

3. Watercolours Resort Restaurant

Located next to the dive shop of the same name on Besar’s main western beach. Associated with the Paradise Resort, this simple but interesting restaurant is packed every night with people feasting on fresh seafood and other food on the menu. Needless to say, the quality of the food is very tip-top. Prices have increased lately but RM25 for 3 BBQ rock lobsters or RM20 for fresh barramundi in banana leaf,dish out with a small baked potato and salad, are still a steal by Perhentian standards. Vegetarian food is available based on the request.

4. Amelia Cafe

This restaurant located near to Coral Bay. Simple and famous restaurant with tasty meals for good prices. Fish chilli sauce with rice for RM15 and Beef black pepper with rice RM15. Perfect milkshakes for a fair price. Service is quite slow.

5. Shari La


Great evening buffet for only RM25 with BBQ food .Live music most nights and free drinks. Nice chilled out atmosphere with free wifi too. Food during the day is set menu or alike buffet style food. Fried rice/noodles, 2 pcs sandwich/waffles and also beef/chicken burger all from RM8-10 (6/2013) directly on the beach.

6. Ewan Cafe


This restaurant located near Coral Bay and open from 07:30. Placed under big shady trees, away from the beach. A most enjoyable, famous restaurant off Coral bay, two minutes from the pier next to Shari-la resort. Overall nice value for money, while cheaper than most competition. Ewan himself is usually found there and is very amiable and up for a conversation. Big breakfast sets are only RM10 and also dinner sets available for around RM18.Surprisingly this restaurant also has fast free WiFi.

7. Matahari Restaurant

This restaurant located behind the Matahari dive shop and chalets on Long Beach. Cheaper than Panorama, but the meals are smaller and the place is not as expensive. Still, a nice joint to have a meal and the staff are affable. Also, screen a movie at 8pm, and you will have a high chance of hearing it here.

8. Mama’s Kitchen


This restaurant located near to Coral Bay. Simple and famous restaurant in CB with good meals for good prices meals from RM7-8 (beef & cheeseburger with french fries RM7, vegetable curry with rice RM8),The service here is quite slow.

9. Florabay Restaurant


This restaurant is located In the middle of Flora bay resort. The restaurant offers good food at good prices. RM8 for a meal of chicken fried rice, and RM11 for fried prawns with mashed potatoes.

10. Arwana Resort


This resort is located on the island, Arwana Perhentian Eco Resort & Beach Chalet is a perfect base for guests seeking that ideal blend of attentive care and modern convenience within your very own ambience.The on-site dining allows you to be fond of authentic Chinese, Malaysian, and international cuisine within a nice atmosphere.You can it whenever you want for a reasonable price.

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