Top 5 Restaurants in Redang Island

White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world. Redang Island is located at 45 km offshore of Terengganu. Redang archipelago comprises 9 islands, the Lima Island, Paku Besar Island, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, Ekor Tebu Island, Ling Island, Pinang Island and Redang Island. This archipelago is abounds with marvelous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs, ensuring a great snorkelling and scuba-diving experience. Redang Island which is approximately 7km in length 6km in width, is the largest of all other islands in the Marine Park.

The Redang archipelago has been designated as Pulau Redang Marine Parks Malaysia as to conserve the islands’ unique ecosystem. There are 500 species of live corals, more than a thousand species of invertebrates and almost 3000 species of fishes which includes manta rays, stingrays, sharks and whale sharks, all living in harmony in the reefs fringing the islands. It is a real heaven for divers.

1. Aima Grill Fish Restaurant 

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Aima Grill Fish Restaurant is small restaurant right outside the Taaras Beach Resort for travelers who are looking for food that is slightly cheaper and at a reasonable price . It serves a wide variety of foods along with menus in multiple languages for travelers and customers from all over the world .  Local foods like rice and noodle dishes are good and cheap. The Aima Grill Fish Restaurant is not a very luxury restaurant but it brings the customers a glimpse and ambiance of a very traditional atmosphere when dining . As long as you stick to the (fresh) seafood you will get a nice meal.

2. Hazeme Seafood Restaurant

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This restaurant serves as an alternate option in which it offers seafood at half the price of the food in Taaras Resort which is located just (5-10min walk) in Teluk Dalam . They serve great local food and good hospitality to customers , locals and foreigners alike . The food is amazing, even for local taste. I would recommend their fried calamari and ikan bakar (grilled fish).Have a taste of their exquisite ikan bakar which they are famous for and if you’re hungry for other local delicacies , they also serve delicious local dishes such as mee goreng, nasi goreng, fresh fish and not to mention great iced tea .

3. Summer Point 

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Summer Point restaurant is open from 6 PM to 10 PM . When dining in this restaurant , I recommend you try their chicken wings which is very crispy, their fries were yummy, squid cooked with salt & pepper was really good and best of all, butted soft shell crab tasted heavenly . The restaurant not only offer good local food and seafood , the view in front of the restaurant was lovely, amidst the sea breeze as you feast on the orange clouds amidst sunset . This Summer Point also have their own awesome live band to lighten up the mood and adds to the relaxing experience when dining in their restaurant . For a small treat , the food is at a very reasonable price for great tasting malay food. This restaurant does not serve wine .



4. Asmadi Cafe & Restaurant

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Asmadi Cafe and Restaurant is Taaras . It’s a 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel . Customers go here to enjoy cheap and reasonable price food with the beautiful sunset scenery that the restaurant has to offer in front of their doorsteps . This restaurant mainly serves local cuisines that is affordable on every meal including lunch and dinner .

5. Kayu Manis Restaurant & Bar

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Displaying a chic yet traditional environment where hotel guest can embrace local as well as international delicacies accompanied by the awesome scenery of the sea makes dining spot in Sari Pacific Beach Resort & Spa Redang Island a remarkable one . Having an alfresco design, hotel guests will also be sprinkle with the astonishing lightning from the stars that is topped with excellent service by our hotel staffs. Being at the prime location, guests can enjoy meals from breakfast, to lunch and dinner all day round with the vast variation of scrumptious cuisines by our signature chef.


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