Top 10 Most Scenic Spots for Instagram in Bandung

Have you thought of catching such a beautiful picture to display on your Instagram? In Indonesia, there are many sights that you can catch. Some of them are located in Bandung, a beautiful city known as Paris van Java. Many hidden paradises are available to pamper you immediately. What are you waiting for? Let us make your Instagram friends jealous with pictures that you have taken in Bandung. Here are the top 5 most Instagrammable in Bandung

1. Windy Point of Pluncut

Image credit:Suka Gitu

Want to eat while watching the natural scenery of the Bandung? Particularly with cold air. Windy Point of Pluncut, where to eat in Bandung is located in Bandung is perfect for those who want to eat while clay Bandung amazingly beautiful landscape.

2. Armor Coffee Garden

Image credit:Tempat Wisata Di Bandung

For coffee lovers, try the coffee with a new sensation. The Armor Cafe, you can drink coffee and let yourself be with nature.

3. Signature strudels

Image credit:Lets Go Eat All

The next unique cafe in Bandung, Duck signature. The atmosphere here is unique. And the symbol of this cafe, namely painting bread with apple pie intact and there was a piece of apple and a fruit basket.

4. In & Out Urban Eatery

Image credit:Lets Go Eat All

In & Out Urban Eatery, a restaurant or dining in Bandung with a food court concept. Even so, this place is so unique and comfortable design. In fact, to add to the uniqueness of these foods, there are rooms that are designed to use containers.

5. Gold Star Sport and Lounge

Image credit:TripAdvisor

Gold Star Sport Resto or so-called Gold Start 360, eateries in Bandung is often used as a catch with friends and family. Whether it’s always partying, even to the birthday anniversary.

6. Cafe D’Pakar

Image credit:TripAdvisor

Catch up with friends or family, the place cool, while eating, with an amazing view in front of the eyes, where no place if it was not at Cafe D’Pakar

7. Miss Bee Providore

Image credit:Anak Jajan

Miss Bee Providore dining in Bandung that children are very friendly. Appropriate to have a meal together with the family. Pending the menu ordered, children can play in the playground provided. Not only outside only you know, but there is an indoor playground also positioned close to the dining room with a view that parents can still keep an eye on their children while playing.

8. Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Cafe

Image credit:TripAdvisor

Tired of eating at a restaurant that delivers classic atmosphere, unique, elegant and glamorous? Want something different and naturally? Culture Gallery & Cafe Kampung Daun, where to eat for you to get bored and tired of the hustle and bustle of the busy atmosphere of the city.

9. Le Delice Bakery & Pastry / Le Delice Cafe & Bakery

Image credit:Lets Go Eat All

Want to have a picnic with your family? Do not go any further; here we have something special in Le Delice Bakery & Pastry. You can picnic, have a meal with friends, family or someone with no need to bring your food.

10. Brussels Spring

Image credit:TripAdvisor

Namoo a cafe serving Korean food with a modern twist. Namoo word means “tree” in Korean, and that’s why the place was decorated with wooden furniture. Although the logo is a cute tree apron! It is a strange and beautiful hang out with decorations that reflects the cozy atmosphere.

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