Top 10 Restaurants in Bandung

Bandung has always been famous for cool cafes around every corner. Do not worry about not being able to try them all – we bring you top 10 restaurants in Bandung to start your trip to enjoy the culinary goodness of Bandung.

1. Kiosk

Image credit:Ayam Saus Melon

This mini food court on the lower level of the Braga City Walk is suitable for mixing with the locals and sampling some snacks were outstanding from the sidewalk stalls (street vendor) style. Order Lotek (Sundanese salad) or noodle dish. Beverages including juice – try Durian (soursop) – cold beer and iced coffee.

2. Capital 8

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A modern eatery located around a reflecting pool with a great design and tasty bites. They have been using reclaimed wood to build their tables and chairs, there is a bakery at the front and challenging menu artfully presented. In the morning getting breakfast or pancakes stuffed quesadilla.

3. The Valley Cafe

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The Valley Cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Bandung. It is very popular among travelers. Located in the hills above Dago, you will be able to enjoy the quiet and beautiful city of Bandung.

4. Hangover

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The great new local pub, with classic rock and blues on the stereo and a calming of the updated classic Indo-Western and emerging from the kitchen. They make meatballs with fried rice, oxtail soup, chicken burgers and tofu hot salty delicious. They serve cold beer, of course

5. Braga Punya Carita

Image credit:Cari Makan Bandung

A new shop-schools serving mixed rice dish, oxtail, and fish soup, and some Western menus. For rice dishes, you can choose between red or white rice then add flavors of Delivery menu of chicken, tempeh, roasted, and salted fish, among others.

6. Mausmaus

Image credit:Anggia Bonyta

Fine dining in northern style, this split-level dining haunts both made of wood, concrete and glass, works closest City came to haute cuisine. They do panko-crusted sea bass, various pasta dishes and excellent mixed grill including lamb chops with mint sauce and beef both local and imported.

7. Midori

Image credit:Restoran Midori

Nestled below the Bersih Spa is this worthy Japanese restaurant. The sushi is not so unique, so stick to the bento box that comes with fried cod and roast chicken, or grilled beef, tempura shrimp and squid, and many more options. All reasonable.

8. Mangkok Manis


An uber-popular ice cream joints on Jeans Street, where you build your sundae from the base. First, choose flavors: vanilla, chocolate, green tea, strawberry or rum raisin. Next add the pudding favorite: mango, eggs, vanilla, coconut or the Black Forest. Finish with toppings, such as fresh fruit, Oreos, or Kit Kats.

9. The Restaurant – Padma Hotel

Image credit:Padma Hotel Bandung

The new concept of the restaurant will enhance your dining experience. Situated in the verdant valleys that provide a refreshing breeze of air. This romantic atmosphere will give you differing atmosphere while enjoying Asian and European cuisines at its best.

10. Atmosphere Resort Cafe

Image credit:Rancupid

Located in the heart of Bandung, Atmosphere Resort Café offers a variety of excellent cuisine, in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. The interior design is adapted from Bali and extends to the cozy atmosphere of polished woods, gazebo, and various plants around the pond, which provides scenic views and natural shades.

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