Top 10 Things to See in Bandung

Bandung is famous in Indonesia and to tourists in particular. There are many things to do in Bandung, and it does not lack attractions to see. Many locals might recommend going there for shopping, food and refreshing respite. It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Many travelers would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

1. Kawah Putih


Definitely at the top of the list of attractions for the gorgeous lake as if the set of the film. It is 2 hours from Bandung city center and on the plateau, but it is worth it to do. The place is chilled, the sun is dazzling here, but you will not get sunburn. It is a sulfuric lake as it comes from the volcano.

2. Tangkuban Perahu


About 1 hours and 30 minutes from Bandung, it is another crater of a volcano in Indonesia, which is worth a visit for fear solely the views from the top. This is probably the second best to the Crater but still worth visiting.

3. Vila Isola

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Built by an Italian millionaire and perched on the northern part of Bandung, Villa Isola overlooking stunning views of the city in the south. This is one of tourist attraction that not to be missed.

4. Gedung Sate and the view

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Built and used by Dutch companies, it is popular to garnish sate it. It has six jewelry represents 6 million Guldens. Now it is used as an office for the governor of West Java. Luckily, the place is open to the public and do not forget to have a nice cold drink on the top floor overlooking the city.

5. Gedung Merdeka


Another architectural wonder built for wealthy before and then made famous for hosting the Asian-African conference first. Although not much attraction, but worth a look if you’re nearby.

6. Kopi Selasar


Coffee Selasar part of Selasar Sunaryo Art Space. Sunaryo leading name in the Indonesian art world. His works -Paintings, Ukiran, articles- have a unique place in the art world. In the early 90’s she was Mula room Own art, also become home to a series of art events Painting Exhibition To Music concerts are free.

7. Bandung Zoo


Bandung Zoo always crowded on weekends as it is a popular place for local people to do outdoor recreation. It is located in Taman Sari Road, near Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). It has a lot of flora and fauna are protected and preserved.

8. Braga Street

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Try to visit Braga Street, because you can feel the colors of the past here. This road has a length of about 700 meters and is located in the heart of Bandung. Some buildings are close to Merdeka African Road.

9. Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)

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Cihampelas Walk is a shopping center in Bandung with the concept of nature. It is located in Cihampelas Road which was known as the best place to buy some clothes. Renowned as the center of fashion and also internationally known for Bandung.

10. Trans Studio Bandung

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Trans Studio Bandung is one of the largest indoor riding tours in the world. It has a lot of games and it is a great destination for a family trip. Trans Studio Bandung is located in Gatot Subroto 239 Road.

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