Top 5 Mountain Climbing Near Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a country with hundreds of mountains, and hills are beautiful and attractive because Malaysia has a terrain undulating and Malaysia is tropical climates and even mountains in Malaysia always green throughout the year.When told about the mountain, it is not wondering if we associate with mountaineering or hiking. As we know mountain climbing is one of the activities that challenging and testing your patience of mental and even serve as a hobby.At the same time in Malaysia consists of a beautiful and appropriate mountain to climbing.
If they just want to try to climb or for those who want to try climbing near Kuala Lumpur, we have listed in our Top 5 Mountain Climbing Near Kuala Lumpur.So, let’s look at some impressive mountain to climb near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1.Gunung Angsi,Negeri Sembilan.

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The main component of the Etnobotany  Park is the herbal park, herbal gallery, incubator centers (8 units) for herbal-based SME entrepreneurs, leisure activity facilities, chalets, mini animal parks and various support facilities. Among the activities available for visitors is a visit to the herbal plants cultivation areas, hiking, camping, canopy walk and enjoying the beauty of caves.

Parts of the Etnobotany  Park area are currently being utilized as youth training centers under the National Service Training Center Program . The main issue which has been identified grappling the Park is the lack of interests from the local community, visitors and tourists.

2. Gunung Semangkuk,Selangor.


Located at Fraser Hill Selangor-Pahang with attitude of 1824 meter.Journey to conquering Gunung Semngkuk will start from pinetree Hill and Twin peak.We can say that every hikers who succeded climbing are often reward themselves with pride as they alsoconqured two more mountain.Though the altitude of Gunung Semangkok is 1824 meter,the starting point Pine Tree Hill is alreadyat the height of 1320 meter.As such,we just need to climb another 500 meter elevation only,that willmat least lift our spirit up.

3. Gunung Nuang,Selangor.

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Although Gunung Nuang, located in Selangor, is by no means a tall mountain by Malaysian standards, it still makes for a rather tough climb. Some superfit hikers hike to the summit and back down in just one day, but most people will have to make it a two-day trip. There are shelters and campsites on the way.

4. Gunung Rajah,Pahang-Selangor.

Located at in selanagor-Pahang,Bentong with attitude 1685 meter.Gunung Rajah,Bentong have hill dipterocarp forest.There are lots of flora such as Periuk kera and orkid hutan in these mountain that have medicinal value in 2004.Gunung Rajah is at a line.Titiwangsa range and recreation centre is located in te area Chamang,popular waterfall in Bentong.It is frequented by peoplefor swimming and relaxing with family.

5. Gunung Ulu Beranang,Selangor.


For local residents,the mountain known as Gunung Tok Wan or Bukit Ulu Beranang but above the topo map,they said this mountain name is Bukit 18.Can pass through the two entry through Pekan Bukit Broga or Bukit Broga.Route via peak Broga more easily because it has a trail.

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