Top 10 Most Scenic Spots For Instagram in Penang

Penang is an attractive place for those who are still looking to find a place for a vacation with friends, family and so on, various cultures, customs, and religions as well as buildings of historical and exciting places around Penang.So it is not surprising that digital tools like a mobile phone or your camera are fill with images of beautiful images when on vacation somewhere.So this Top 10 Most Scenic Spots For Instagram in Penang, here is the place where the focal points for crowded places but this place is also a focus on social networking sites like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and another social network.If you want an attractive photo and beautiful scenery while appreciating the beauty and uniqueness in Penang so, please come and join us in Penang!

1. Church of the Assumption

Dubbed a World Heritage Church, the Church of the Assumption is one of the oldest church in Penangfounded by Captain Francis Light when he first came to Penang. With its heavily Western influencedarchitecture, this church adorned with white is the perfect place to shoot minimalist shots.

2. Penang Bridge.

Of symmetries and dynamic lines, Penang Bridge is the most iconic landmark of Penang and can nevergo wrong in a photo. It may not be the easiest shot to capture but you’d feel like an architecture god if done right. Bring on the likes and follows!

3. Busy Bodhi Cafe.

Tucked in a cosy corner decorated with colourful umbrellas, Busy Bodhi Cafe is a pleasant surprise if youare just strolling along Lebuh Cannon where Ernest Zacahrevic’s murals are. With the Bodhi tree as the cafe’s centerpiece, Busy Bodhi Cafe is a wonderful Instagram photo waiting to happen amidst its calm atmosphere and great coffee (or whiskey!).

4. City Hall.


Experience some serious throwback here at City Hall with its pure white exterior and Edwardian-styledarchitecture dating back to the 1900s. The intricate British Baroque style makes it a unique backdrop to any photos and will most definitely make your OOTD pop! Architecture junkies are always welcomed to bask in its ambiance, too.

5. Macalister Mansion.

Have tea or dinner in Macalister Mansion or even stay a night in this beautifully regal mansion to fully immerse yourself in the royal treatment. But aside from its luxury, Macalister Mansion is another one of Penang’s heritage buildings restored with modern touches – made well and made perfect for your Instagram feed.

6. Lone Pine Hotel.

Situated along Batu Ferringhi, Lone Pine Hotel has grown to become one of Penang’s most popular spots for garden/beach weddings with its scenic rows of pine trees. It is effortlessly beautiful and surrounds you with the sounds, smells and sight of both lush greeneries and calm beaches. Your options are pretty much limitless here; a tip would be to wear relaxed outfits for that vay-cay beach vibe.

7. Penang War Museum.


Take a trip into Penang’s history whilst capturing beautiful Insta-feed at the Penang War Museum. Also known as Fort Cornwallis, the Penang War Museum encapsulates the wartime perfectly with preserved artifacts and actual forts for your Insta-pleasure. This place may have an ominous vibe that’s not for everybody but hey, if you love creepy, spine-chilling things, this place is for you!

8. The Blue Mansion.

Distinctively blue with the most detailed finishing touches, the Blue Mansion is a sight not to be missed when in Penang. Built by Chinese merchant Cheong Fatt Tze in the late 1800s, the Blue Mansion has gained notoriety as a must-stay boutique hotel in Penang and has also won awards for its efforts in preservation. What more could you ask for in our hipster, vintage, Insta loving culture than a beautiful,blue and old building in your Instagram, right?

9. Yap Kongsi Temple.


One of Georgetown, Penang’s tourist attractions, Yap Kong Si Temple is a lovely mixture of heritage building meets Chinese temple detailing. This place works best as a street photography location to truly capture the live and spirit of its surroundings.

10. Penang Hill.

Take a day trip to Penang Hill, another one of Penang’s famous tourist attraction. From misty mornings to cool evening breeze, Penang Hill is an ideal atmosphere for families and nature lovers alike to enjoy some of Penang’s flora and fauna. Some pointers for the Instagram pals: take the Penang Hill Railway up the hill to capture a shot of Georgetown down below.

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