Top 5 Authentic Cultural Activities in Penang

Penang has many must-see attractions that you should make in your itinerary if you want to explore Penang in a short space. In the list of  Top 5 Authentic Cultural Activities in Penang, we skip the historic district, and other islands as not essential to the real purpose, and instead focuses on places that can be considered as a site of cultural activity. When handpicking option to our list, we decided on an interesting and eclectic mix of modern and offered natural and cultural attractions, all of which are suitable for everyone like family, couple and especially to visitors of all ages.

1.Festival of Lights.

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Savour the moment of ‘sensory overload’ and be taken right into the Deepavali festive mood!

2.George Town Night Trail.

A guided night walking tours will introduce George Town’s architectural and cultural wonders.

3. An Evening of Lights at Khoo Kongsi.

An evening when Khoo Kongsi turns on its lights at its courtyard to accommodate Chinese arts and cultural performances.


“The Festival of Lights” celebrated by the Hindus in Penang.

5. Francis Light Cemetery Tour.

The Protestant Cemetery, a resting place of Penang’s European pioneers and importantly, Captain Francis Light, is a site of great significance within the UNESCO Heritage Site of George Town.

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