Top 10 Things To Do In Sarawak

Sarawak offers a lot of things to do. Take a trip to 18 national parks here or explore the natural rainforests. Trekking, caving, mountain climbing, kayaking, caving, biking, rafting and diving are some another activities you can enjoy here. Shop to your heart’s content for unique local designs of Sarawak vases, batik, and beaded products. Tired then head to eating joints for some delicious local or continental cuisines available here.

1. Bako National Park Full-Day Tour

Explore Bako National Park on a full-day journey from Kuching. Witness heroic scenes of nature framed by jungle streams, waterfalls, and exotic flora, as your guide provides context to your experience through Borneo’s wild landscapes.Leave from your Kuching hotel and embrace Malaysia’s plentiful natural wonders. You’re only a short distance from the city, but Bako National Park feels like a different planet. Your well-informed guide takes you through a thriving ecosystem teeming with a diversity of flora. Put your hiking boots to good use as you tromp through the dense environments—a mix of kerangas, mangrove, and dipterocarp forests.Identify the numerous plants and animals, keeping a lookout for endangered proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques, and Borneo’s charming bearded pigs. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air as you twist toward gleaming waterfalls, flowing streams, and the popular Sea Stack, a sandstone formation created by erosion. Reflect on the experience as you drive back to Kuching.

2. City Hightlight Tour

Get the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s historic capital with this trip through the best sights of Kuching. From the Chinese Temple’s vibrant colours to the grand former palace of the White Rajahs and the city’s lively storefronts, you can exposure to the remarkable history and energy around you.After pickup from your hotel, your guide shows you to Kuching’s Chinatown, where you can notice the Cat Statue, the colourful Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, the Civic Centre Viewing Platform, and the popular Sarawak Museum. Next, visit the golden-domed City Mosque and pass the spice dealers and textile shops of Old Kuching.Along the way, you can spot heritage buildings of the White Rajah Era, including the Pavilion, the Square Tower, the Court House, the Charles Brooke Monument, and also the Post Office. View the Astana, former residence of the White Rajahs, from across the Kuching River, before the go back to your hotel.

3. Bidayuh Longhouse Excursion


Get a look at the traditional side of Malaysia in the village of Annah Rais, a colony of Bidayuh people in the foothills of the Borneo Highlands. Amid lovely scenery near the mountains, you can watch the unique architecture and culture of this peaceful retreat from city life.A 45-minute ride from your Kuching hotel brings you out for your visit to the village. The main point of the community is a large bamboo longhouse that serves as home to dozens of families and doesn’t forget to get a look at the unique architectural and cultural features of this communal building along with the farming lifestyle of the Bidayuh people.As your guide takes you around the superb unique property, you can learn about the role it plays in local people’s lives. Take a lot of pictures as you like in the house or the surrounding landscapes before the comfortable ride back to your hotel.

4. Crocodile Farm & Pottery Factory Visit

Meet some of the world’s most terrifying predators during a visit to famed Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo. Featuring horrific animals, educational feeding shows, and a lot of joy, this park offers an up-close peek into the lives of the lamellate beasts as well as peacocks, otters, and pythons.After pickup from your Kuching hotel, enjoy a pleasing drive to Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo. Here, study about Malaysia’s cuddling, crawling, and slithering wildlife. In addition to toothy crocodiles, get a chance to watch animals including bear cats, pythons, peacocks, otters, and the monumentally big freshwater fish, Arapaima Gigas.Explore the farm’s luxuriant greenery, a perfect domain for greatly feared crocodiles, and chat with resident zoologists about the reptiles’ often-misunderstood reputation. Grasp your breath at feeding time as you watch experienced keepers climb into the fences of the toothy giants. After meeting other critters in the park, get an enthralling behind-the-scenes tour of a Kuching pottery factory.

5. Fairy & Wind Caves Adventure


Hunt in into the mystical caverns of Fairy Cave and Wind Cave, not far from Kuching. Explore the lovely natural structures, learn about the formation of the fascinating chambers, and watch the rocky stalactites, stalagmites, and mineral formations unique to the dark underground environment.After pickup from your hotel, make your way up the luxurious forested hills surrounding Fairy Cave. Venture into the 3-story high, million-year-old cavern and remember to follow your guide on a short climb up into the main chamber. Spotlights of sunshine filter in, allowing you to truly esteem unique stalactites clinging to the roof and stalagmites climbing up from the floor,all with a wax-like appearance.Continue into the tunnelled Wind Cave, gazing up at the remarkable galleries of solemn rock faces creating wild cracked shapes. Keep an eye out for flapping bats as well as swiftlets and their nests along the walls of the cave. Take a look at the cave, formerly an underground river chamber, in the handy care of your guide and after enjoying the natural phenomena, drive back to Kuching.

6. Full Day Kayak On Sarawak River


Explore the calm waters of the Sarawak River as you paddle along limestone rock formations and under the overhanging branches of fig trees. Uncover herbs, spices, and produce at a village market, check out carnivorous pitcher plants, and enjoy the wonderful lunch on the sandy stretch of riverbank.Catch a lift directly from your hotel and ride to the shores of the Sarawak River. Talk with your guide about the day’s itinerary, get fitted for a life jacket and a paddle and help to move the boats down to the water’s edge. Enjoy a crash course to refine your paddling technique and then hop in your boat to start your aquatic adventure.Cruise past the slippery faces of limestone canyons, worn smooth by years of river erosion, and listen for the chattering calls of exotic birds as you make your way down the river.

7. Full Day Mount Santubong Climb


Get ready to scale the sheer, luxurious slopes of one of Sarawak’s most striking mountains. This journey to the summit of Mount Santubong gives you a spectacular perspective on the coast of Borneo, and a chance to esteem the tropical greenery that dominates the landscape.A ride from your hotel brings you to the base of the mountain, which rises through the irregular rainforest to 2,657 feet (810 m) above sea level. As you set out on the hike, admire the view of plentiful streams and the wide variation of creatures that thrive amid the slopes.Your path takes you up steep climbs and rope ladders on the ascent, which inclines up to 70 degrees, but always remember to follow a well-made trail and rewards you with some incredible views. As you pass through the diverse rainforest, keep an eye out for monkeys and hornbills along the way, and then get a chance to cool off at a beautiful waterfall before you start your return trip to Kuching.

8. Full Day Mountain Biking & Kayaking Tour With Vave Visit & Lunch


Navigate winding rainforest trails on a knobby-tired mountain bike, paddle down peaceful stretches of the Sarawak river in a kayak, and go spelunking in caves filled with chattering bats and slow-forming stalactites. Explore old mining towns, go for a refreshing swim, and don’t forget to grab lunch along the way.Get picked up from your hotel and head to the Sarawak River to start your day with a kayaking adventure. With paddling tips from your guide, explore silent stretches of the river lined with stilted houses and sleepy fishing villages. Reach the hazy cascades of an off-the-beaten-path waterfall, check out the gripping shapes of eroded limestone formations, and cool off with a swim.

9. Iban Longhouse Safari Full Day Tour

Experience Malaysia’s environment and legacy while gaining insight into the country’s cultural diversity. On this full day experience, hunt in into an often unseen side of Sarawak as you explore county villages, historic waterways, and ancient architecture.The first half of your tour takes you from Kuching through beautiful Malaysian countryside. Esteem the breathtaking landscapes spot by fields growing rice, pepper, and cocoa—some of Sarawak’s primary produce. A brief stop at the small town of Serian lets you take a look at a local wet market—selling rare objects and delicious food.Visit the town of Lachau, close to the Kalimantan border, before entering a traditional longboat for a pleasing water journey. Glide upstream through the waterway, taking photos as you pass under charming trees bending over the river.

10. Kubah National Park Excursion


Kubah National Park is home to a tropical Kerangas forest and hosts a generous variety of wildlife in startlingly diverse environments. Head out on an adventure to the primary sights with your expert guide answering your questions about the species of flora and fauna live in the park.Leave the city behind and ride in an air-conditioned vehicle for a 30-minute journey to Kubah National Park. Admire the view along the way before arriving at the awe-inspiring entrance to the grounds. Once in the park, follow your guide to spots off the regular tourist route and watch scarce wildlife including bearded pigs, argus pheasants, mouse deer, and civets.Marvel at the beauty of the varying vistas like smooth sandstone plateaus, sparkling streams and rushing waterfalls. Approve of the heavy dipterocarp forest interspersed with thick patches of scrubland. Enjoy an educational chat with your expert guide about the wide array of plants in the park such as Borneo’s famed furry palms and colourful orchids before returning to Kuching.

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