Top 10 Local Food in Putrajaya

1. Nasi Lemak


Raja Malay food, nasi lemak still stand firmly on the list of most locals favorite foods. Coconut flavored rice dishes, as well as boiled eggs, fried peanuts, anchovies and spicy shrimp sauce on the side, you will find this dish is sold in a fancy restaurant with a steep price and sellers also roadside with only RM1. The food is all over Malaysia regardless of rural or urban.

2. Satay

Popular in Malaysia, satay basically skewered pieces of meat marinated overnight before being burned on a charcoal fire. Marinade that was used consists of lemongrass, turmeric, coriander, onion, garlic and chilli, and also honey to taste slightly sweet flesh. Satay can be eaten anytime as happy consumed and discarded.

3.Assam Laksa


Dish hooked chunky, glass noodles slippery drowning in a soup sour and spicy, made by boiling the pieces of mackerel, tamarind juice, chili, mint leaves, lemon grass, onion and pineapple, sour laksa must win the love instantly, even if you are not a fan fiery food. Although it is really high at the level of spiciness, light texture translucent broth along with fat, chewy glass noodles (shrimp paste and sugar included, to be mixed with soup), makes you wholeheartedly satisfied and eat sour.

4. Roti Jala


A mixture of noodles and pastries, bread nets is clean as a yellow crepe, made from rice flour, with almost thick consistency. It has the appearance of lace, often serve as an alternative to rice, and is especially popular during the celebrations. Cooked on a griddle hot, crepe rectangular equipped with a variety of side dishes, from chicken curry thick and hearty traditional with potatoes, or chicken and chop meat, or spicy Indian style plain goat dry, or the palm of chicken (a bit spicy curry-based yogurt).A cross between noodle and pastry, roti jala is a yellow net-like crepe, made from rice flour, with an almost gelatine consistency. It has a lacy appearance, frequently serves as an alternative to rice, and is especially popular during festive celebrations. Cooked on a hot griddle, the square-shaped crepe comes with a variety of side servings, from a customary thick and savoury chicken curry with potatoes, or chicken and beef rendang, or spicy Indian-style dry mutton squares, or even chicken kurma (a mildly spicy yoghurt-based curry).

5. Mee Rebus


Also called “Mee Jawa,” tourists visiting Putrajaya loves this dish fat yellow noodles drowned in a thick, sweet and slightly spicy beef soup stock. Not overpowering the taste buds, translucent brown gravy binding all the ingredients together, including the squares of tofu, sweet potato, bean sprouts, half of a boiled egg, fried onions, sliced chili and baked beans. This dish is always eaten during the evening.

6. Nasi Kerabu


Blue colored rice in Malay dishes may seem strange, but it does not affect the taste. To achieve a distinctive color, rice mixed with beans blue flowers, while lemongrass, lime leaves, and salt to give it taste delicious. Accompanied by a side dish of pieces of mackerel with grated coconut, turmeric, flour fried fish or meat, coconut sauce, salted egg and prawn crackers, it is delicious, and the breakfast options are popular among residents.

7. Nasi Goreng Kampung

Fried rice is a favorite food French village; dish with egg fried rice with rice, along with additional vegetables such as spinach, beans, and diced onions. What makes it good is the inclusion of anchovies fried crispy, juicy chunks of chicken and onion.

8. Otak Otak

A dumpling made of steamed seafood mousse in a rectangular-shaped container of woven banana leaves, otak otak is one outstanding food in Malay culture. Which consists of Spanish mackerel fillets with kaduk leaves, mixed with spices such as lemongrass, galangal, and turmeric, the end-product has the consistency almost like gelatin. These foods are often eaten when other food was waiting.

9. Nasi Dagang

With origins in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, rice trade consists of little sticky rice, sweet and spicy flavor, with your choice of meat and the vegetables. Usually served buffet style, you will be provided with a plate of white rice and is then free to make your choice of side dishes, including beef rendang, fried squid, and fish curry. Finish with rice with different curries, which causes a unique recipe and appetizing. These foods are sold in every state but the tastiest necessarily in Kelantan.

10. Ayam Perchik

Chicken perchik quite popular and easily available in French restaurants around the city and outside the city. Dishes are all the rage these people come from Kelantan, with chicken marinated in coconut milk, onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and chili, and then grilled. What makes it so much tastier is the fact that the meat is tender and juicy and, when paired with white rice and a side serving a salad, make for a great meal.

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