Top 5 Exhilarating Outdoor Activities in Putrajaya

Some outdoor activities can be done in Putrajaya when. One of them is a cruise on the Putrajaya Lake. During the cruise, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the scenery around the area of navigation. These include Bridge Putrajaya, Putrajaya Mosque, and government buildings. This cruise is fully air conditioned and can accommodate up to 76 people. There is also boat open to small groups of individuals.

Another great place to visit is the Botanical Garden of Putrajaya. It is located in the northern part of Precinct 1. The park was established as a sanctuary state for the purpose of plant taxonomy Malaysia as a center for research and education. Features of the park include Canopy Bridge, Heliconia Trail, Sun Garden, Explorer Trail and more. It is also the largest botanical garden in Malaysia which covers 92 hectares. At present, the park has over 700 species of flowering plants, native plants and plants from Africa and Asia Pacific.

Putrajaya Wetlands Park is also one of the places to visit in Putrajaya when. It is the first human-made wetlands in Malaysia more than 2000 hectares. This park is an 18-meter observation tower, nature trails, picnic areas and many other features.

1. Take A Cruise On The Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Putrajaya Lake is a 650-acre man-made lake, which is designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city. The lake is popular among tourists for tours Cruise. The cruise is the best way in several impressive landmarks in Putrajaya as the Prime Minister’s office to take, Pink Mosque, unique bridges (there are 8 bridges at all) and more.

2. Visit Putrajaya’s Equestrian Park

Like a horse? Then be sure to check the Putrajaya Equestrian Park (TEP). It is located in the Southeast Precinct 5 and is built on an area of 70 acres. A lush green environment suitable for joy riders and racers as well. The place provides four types of accommodations for you. There are plenty of useful information about Putrajaya Equestrian Park.

3. Challeng Yourself At The Putrajaya Challenge Park

Also known as the Garden Challenge, Challenge Park Putrajaya is a 30-hectare park in Putrajaya Precinct 5. The park is said to have some of the best extreme park in Asia.


4. Check Out Malaysia’s Important Milestones At The Millennium Monument

Millennium Monument is a 68m high mast, which was designed to look like hibiscus (the national flower of Malaysia) from above. It is located on the waterfront Putrajaya. You can see when you take a boat cruise Putrajaya. This room is actually a high-rise platform wrapped around the base of the column. This monument provides a wide range of glass panels etched track important milestones in the history of Malaysia.

5. Visit The Famous Putra Mosque (Pink Mosque)

Putra Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, a famous mosque in Putrajaya. Located on the edge of Lake Putrajaya (you will see when you take a cruise), this mosque is beautiful because of the way it was decorated. The central and smaller domes in the mosque made of pink granite and finally were painted. The design is a blend of Middle Eastern and traditional design. The main prayer hall of the mosque has no internal partition and can accommodate up to 8000 the men on the ground floor while the first floor can accommodate up to 2000 female pilgrims.

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