Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Sarawak

An eco-adventure land, Sarawak is supreme for trekking, caving, mountain climbing, kayaking, biking, rafting, and also not to forget diving.The tropical waters of both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo offer some of the world’s top scuba diving. You can dive with whale sharks, hover around huge coral gardens and walls, or dive on ominous and hulking WWII shipwrecks. A visit to the rainforest is on the priority list in the itineraries of all visitors to Malaysia. Malaysian rainforests are unique in the world and also the oldest on the planet.Nature has been almost as liberal to Malaysia regarding its caves as it has with the rain forest. Both the world’s massive single cave chamber and the longest cave passage in Southeast Asia can be found in Sarawak’s extraordinary Gunung Mulu National Park.This article will provide you top 10 outdoor activities in Sarawak.

1. Semadang Kayak


Semadang Borneo Adventure Sdn Bhd, also popular as Semadang Kayak, is a registered and licensed tour operator and service provider with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia that run and based in Sarawak. Our team at Semadang Adventure are made up of adrenaline junkies and people who are intense about adventure. Our guides are certified river guide as Swiftwater Rescue Technician with Rescue3 International certification. This company has built its great reputation on offering river kayaking, bamboo rafting and caving adventure along Sarawak River at Borneo Highland in Kuching. Our one-stop adventure is ideal for nature lovers, families and even solo traveler.

2. Paradesa Borneo


Paradesa Borneo found in 2013, offers Paradesa Brands of tourism experience for visitors to Borneo. We hope to bring in new and pioneering tourism experience to Borneo.The signatory and pioneering bicycle tour in Kuching is the first starting point.

3. Kuching Caving


Sarawak offers 100s of top-class cave including over 500 cave entrances documented in the Kuching area alone. Kuching Caving offers one-day adventures and multi-day expeditions to some of the best. Products are accessible which are right up for all levels of fitness and experience from 5 years upwards and no previous experience is necessary.Great chambers, fabulous calcite, ridiculous cave wildlife and remarkable cave paintings are amongst the wonderful things you will experience. All needed equipment and protective clothing is available and the expedition leaders and local guides are both knowledgeable and expert. Group sizes are small, personal scrutiny assured, and no guest has suffered serious injury in 8 years of operation.

4. The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking


The Padawan region is blessed with wonderful landscapes and clear flowing river. Home to the large number Biatah Bidayuh group, the experience can be anything from a short 2-hour trip to a fearless, torturous and challenging full-day tour. Whatever your level is, the kayaking tours are provided by four operators: Kuching Kayak, The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking, Paradesa Borneo and also Semadang Kayak.

5. Borneo Adventure

Borneo Adventure specialises in trips and travel in Malaysia. The activities are focused on the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah on the island of Borneo. We are one of Malaysia’s most accepted inbound tour operators and offer a range of over 100 tours of Borneo to choose from. With offices in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, our Borneo tours feature the natural environment, flora and fauna, culture and also history of Sarawak and Sabah.

6. The Pinnacles Trail


The popular Pinnacles’ at Mulu consist of a series of 45 meters high, razor-sharp limestone spikes that tower above the surrounding vegetation, mid-way up the slopes of Gunung Api. The trek to view them is one of the most wanted in the park. But be warned, the Pinnacle Summit Trek is a tough and testing one. The trail itself is very steep and requires a certain level of fitness.

7. Kuching Offroad

Kuching Offroad is all about culture, landscape, jungle, environment, geology, caves, flora and fauna, villages, food, and markets in 4×4 transport and with informed commentary throughout the day.The Tringgus Trail covers all of these. A 1-hour round walk trek on foot to Indonesia is the best part for some; the Bidayuh style lunch for others.The Bau History Trail explores the history of the region and is designed for the less fit or for those with mobility issues without compromising on the content.Nighttime bio-diversity is alive and excellent.

8. Tusan Cliff Beach


Tusan Beach is a newfound paradise yet to see any development like street-lighting, tar-sealed road and others making the long ride just to witness the Blue Tears actually quite interesting.Unlike Miri’s popular beaches such as Tanjong Lobang and Luak Esplanade which attract hundreds of visitors during weekends and public holidays, Tusan Beach is harder to reach. Moreover, it remains untouched which I guess is good.The unpolluted ocean waters also allow for finer views, and walking along the beach at the edge of the tide can create the most remarkable footprints you’ll ever make, hence the craze amongst the locals.

9. Diving


For those who have not dived here, the Miri Diving Sites are well located just outside the resort city of Miri in Sarawak.Although Miri is not that popular for diving, it is now being promoted by the Sarawak Tourism Board and also Tourism Malaysia as one of the must-dive locations in Sarawak Malaysia, apart from Sabah and the East Coast Islands of Malaysia.While Malaysia has an abundance of attractive dive location, the dive location in Miri is absolutely not to be missed for any adventure and leisure diver. Miri’s dive location has some of the world’s healthiest hard and soft corals according to research and was newly discovered in the last five years or so making this dive destination a recommendable and unique one to visit.

10. Racer Cave Tour


Your Guide leads you through the cave climbing up and down the passageways with the support of ropes. This cave need some upper body strength but most people are successful. Enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes with discovering your abilities and meeting a physical challenge. Animal life in this dark place will astonish you; see insects that have evolved with curious shapes, replacing vision with long feelers to travel in this underground world and Racer Snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past.

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