Top 10 Scenic Location for Instagram in Malacca

Malacca has always been one of the top tourism places in Malaysia and here is a list of top 10 scenic location for Instagram in Malacca . With the growing tourism industry here, a lot of businesses have taken to catering to tourist as a huge number of visitors are coming from Singapore and Indonesia. This list of scenic location in Malacca is also mainly based on quick visits to them, which are all located around the main city area here. If you arrange your trip well, you can most possibly visit them all within one full day too. For complete destination guide click this link Malacca, Malaysia | Gokayu, Your Travel Guide

1. Red Square(Dutch Square)

The Dutch possession of Malaysia is quite notable from the Red Square (Dutch Square) area. You can witness two of the most well-known landmarks of the area which includes the Christ Church and the old town hall or Stadthuys. You can also enjoy a trishaw ride in the area and wallow in yourself in some souvenir shopping.

2. St.Paul’s Hill


Placed at the top of St. Paul’s Hill, the St. Paul’s Church ruins make for some photography shots. You can have some astonishing views of the city from the top of the hill after the brief walk up. The place has been well retained and preserved by the local authorities. The tombstone and relic inscriptions will allow you to get a detailed perception into the history of the church.

3. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Old is Gold. You would like telling your family your experience once you are back that you visited the oldest traditional Chinese temple in Malaysia that belongs to the seventeenth century. You can probably impress all of your Buddhist friends too that you know much better than them about their culture! Moreover, you have seen the once robed effigy of Guanyin with your own eyes in the temple.

4. No 8 Heeren Street Heritage Centre


It is easy to miss the place from the outside but the inside is more refined. The place unlocked around eleven in the morning and has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site. You can get a quick idea about the history, architecture, and culture of early shop houses that were based in Melaka. Entry is free of charge.

5. Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

The Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is maintained by a very warm staff that guides you about the history of the place. Cheng Ho was a legend and the museum offers his history and fabulous maritime exploits. You can also find written works on Chinese maritime here in the museum. Don’t forget to watch the 5-minute video on the history of Cheng Ho in the museum.

6. Villa Sentosa


A visit to this place will bring you back to the culture and history of Malaysia. This century old home acts as a living museum village which is presently inhabited by the granddaughter of the real owner of the house. She is extremely polite and will drive you to her house to get a better understanding of how people used to live in the past.

7. Malacca Sultanate Museum

Paintings, art depiction and the furniture of Sultans of Melaka can be found when you pay a visit to Malacca Sultanate Palace. The city had become a home to Malay, Buddhist, Christian and Dutch cultures. This building of Muslim era is located close the St. Paul Hill. The building is made of wood totally and it is wonderful to find that there are no nails used in it. The gardens beside the palace also remind you of how gardens used to be in the old time.

8. Christ Church


The Malaccan Churches had become a home for Christians from different lands. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the church for its architecture and the history. The Church has been redesigned. You would like to see the spacious halls and the touch of local Melaka culture. It is a spiritual and historical journey to be in the Christ Church Malacca.

9. A’Famosa Fort


A’Famosa is more than just quick photo stop chance for tourists. Built in 1511, the settlement used to sprawl across a whole hillside but now only a single gate (Porta de Santiago) remains. One of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia; it is located beside the Istana Kesultanan on Jalan Kota.

10. Sri Pogyatha Vinoyagar Moorthi Temple

Built in 1781, Sri Pogyatha Vinoyagar Moorthi Temple has been totally well maintained over the years. The temple is dedicated towards Lord Ganesha (Vonyagar) and contain elaborate and intricate decorations. If you are in Jonker Street area then, it is definitely worth to pay a visit to this temple. You can also visit during the evening time when the (puja) worship takes place.

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