Top 10 Things To Do in Bandung

Nestled between three mountains, Bandung is known for its soothing calm weather, the same places at higher altitudes. It was also probably the reason why Bandung is commonly referred to ‘Paris van Java’ rich artistic and cultural heritage.

1. Feed the deer and camp at Ranca Upas, Ciwidey

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Did you know that in addition to the white lake (Crater) in Tjipeutjang, you can also visit the Deer Conservation Park and Camping Ground in Buffalo wetland? Here in Buffalo wetland, you can also buy vegetables or carrots to feed the deer (~ Rp. 5000) or simply watch them graze peacefully.

2. Go on Vacation Before you even Unpack your Bags: Stay at Bandung’s Unique Hotels

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If you travel to Bandung is a form of retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, accommodation options you also need to reflect that. Fancy sleep on satin sheets, under the thatched roof wooden huts surrounded by nature and melodic echo gushing waterfalls in the distance? The Sapu Lidi Resort might just have the answer to your needs.

3. Go on a Family Adventure at The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park


Looking for a great way to spend the weekend? Say no more – The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park is packed with activities for children of all ages. You can either chose to view amidst the pine trees in the cool mountain wind, or run around shooting each other with paintball guns – there’s loads of entertainment, games, and activities you can do. And after a tiring day, it’s time to gather round the picnic table for a barbecue or a Sundanese feast!

4. Reconnect with Nature: Dago Pakar

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Whether you prefer a short walk to a splash of greenery to your daily routine or exploring the 2500 species of fauna, there are just so many things to do in this patch of forest in the north of the city center. Dago Pakar contains two adjacent parks are separated by Jl. Maribaya and both parks offer a different but equally impressive to see.

5. Eating Out Shouldn’t be an Average Experience: Themed Cafes and Restaurants

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Preparing to take the kids out for dinner for a special occasion? Bandung is the place for those seeking a culinary paradise. Just look a little harder, and you may find eateries themed with ‘wow’ factor to the dining experience truly unforgettable. Take the girls out for a treat at Nanny’s Pavillon and thrill your taste buds with mouthwatering peach famous pancakes with vanilla ice cream and blueberry cheese pancake roll. Let them choose between various room cottage-themed, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

6. Chilling in an Exquisite Atmosphere: Lawang Wangi Café & Art Space

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Located high in the mountains that led to Lembang, the view from this cafe is incredible – it is surrounded by greenery in the day, and when night falls, the city lights can be seen from the panoramic 200 degrees on the deck.

7. A Miniature Zoo on a Mall Rooftop: Bandung’s Paris Van Java

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When you have finished shopping in Paris Van Java multi-chain retail stores, be sure to replace one or two hours at this hidden gem on the roof. According to educate young people about animal care, the rooftop garden in Paris Van Java has two separate attractions – Lactasari Mini Farm and Bird Park.

8. Coral Rocks at the Top of a Mountain: Goa Pawon and Stone Garden of Padalarang


After a 20 minute hike to the mountain masigit, located mouth Goa Pawon (Pawon Caves), an important historical site where ancient human remains (now on display at the Geological Museum of Bandung) available. Taking the next steps towards the top of the mountain and you will find a variety of rocks rich in calcium, which is usually found along the coast.

9. Take your Tastebuds on a Journey: Floating Market, Lembang


If you have been to Thailand before, did you like the floating market? You can find one too in Bandung! Enjoy a wide variety of traditional Indonesian food served from small boats with beautiful views of the lake. For those looking for western cuisine, Rockpool serves pizza and pasta in the vicinity. You can also perform common activities such as ATV and ride paddle boats, feed the geese, or visit the cactus garden and the rock garden.

10. Kill Two Birds With One Stone: Have a Feast with a View

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What is the better way to get the lush greenery of the valley, from the few selected restaurants with a warm grub served on a plate right in front of you? The hills that surround the city provides plenty of points of view, ensure that there is no shortage of places with stunning views for you to enjoy your dinner. One of the first shops to eat some with the concept of “dinner with a view,” is a legend Warung Daweung (roughly translated to Daydream Cafe) is situated right on the Mount Moko.

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