Top 10 Most Scenic Spots for Instagram in Kuala Lumpur

What do you do before you start your coffee morning ritual? You definitely have to instagram your coffee first! This time, we ask our photographers and social media enthusiasts to prepare their favourite spots to conduct this ritual.

1. Three Little Birds Coffee

Image credit:Three Little Birds Coffee

Located in a secluded little area in Sentul surrounded by greenery, Three Little Birds Coffee combines nature and coffee in the best way possible. You can either opt to have your cuppa indoors – with a cake or a sandwich maybe – within the modern interior, or in the outdoor aviary. Either way, it will satisfy both your coffee cravings and your Instagram page.

2. Coffee Amo


In the hidden depths of Petaling Street lies a gem called Coffee Amo, a cosy indie cafe known for their 3D coffee art and cutesy chalkboard wall art. Coffee Amo only serves coffee and cakes, and they don’t have music playing in the background either. It’s more of a place to chill and relax, rather than a big hangout with a bunch of friends. If you ever need a place to wind down, this is the place for you.

3. Garage 51


Garage 51, true to its name, is a cafe with a garage concept. With oil drums turned furniture, vintage cars parked outside the place, and an artsy exterior, this place is as Instagram-worthy as it gets.

4. The Library Coffee Bar


The Library Coffee Bar features a bookcase that serves coffee and there’s also coffee cocktails – hence the bar. The interior is spacious and oozes a calm ambiance resembling a library, which is a great place to kick back after work. Besides coffee, they also have an extended food menu which includes waffles, cakes, and pasta.

5. Feeka Coffee Roasters


Feeka is derived from the Swedish word “fika” that means “coffee break” (with some food), and you can do just that at Feeka.

6. Brewmen


Brewmen has this interesting coffee on their menu called Reverse Coffee, which is just coffee but prepared in a different way. They will serve you a cup of a coffee-infused ice ball and hot milk. You pour the hot milk into the former cup and ta-dah! Reverse Coffee.

7. Acme Bar and Coffee


Acme is more of a restaurant than a cafe, but it doesn’t fall short in the coffee and dessert departments. One of their desserts made popular by social media is their Sizzling Brownies with Oreo Ice Cream, a must-try according to most people on Instagram.

8. VCR


VCR, which literally stands for videocassette recorder, is another vintage-style cafe. It’s perfect for those who crave a good cup of coffee, maybe a cake or pastry, and some downtime. They’re passionate about their coffee and aim to serve some of the best in KL.

9. Pickle and Fig


There’s neither pickle nor fig at Pickle and Fig. Instead, they’re known for their sandwiches, panini and smoothies. This cafe aims to serve healthier food and drink choices, and was even shortlisted for Best Healthy Eats for the Time Out KL Food Awards 2013.

10. Namoo on the Park, Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro

Image credit:Expedia

Namoo is a cafe that serves Korean food with a modern twist. The word Namoo means “tree” in Korean, and that’s why the place is adorned with wooden furniture. Even the logo is a cute tree in an apron! It’s a quirky and cute hangout place with decor that depicts a homey vibe.

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