Top 10 Rock Climbing Spots Near Kuala Lumpur

1. Gua Damai , Batu Caves


100m wall with 35 routes, some of them multi pitch. Most of the routes are graded from 5c to 6a, however, many of the 5c´s are over graded. The lower part of the rock is scattered and therefore offers nothing but easy climbing. The second pitches lead through smoother rock, the climbs are nicer and more difficult. Good place for beginners and instructing classes. The base has been leveled for climbing purposes. Toilet facilities at site (key available at food stall next to soccer field).

2. Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves


One of the older crags in the Batu Caves area with variety of climbs; easy to technical slabs even pump overhang. Easy access from the main road.

This crag’s area have been clean up by a group of volunteers back in Jan 2013 and looking forward with more help from all climbers all around to maintain of clean safe surrounding. Nanyang is one of KL´s more established areas for climbing. currently with 26 bolted routes. This rock offers lots of variations, from technical slabs to powerful moves on overhangs. The crag also holds promise to some really tough projects!

3. Comic Wall , Batu Caves


Comic Wall is facing the main road of Batu Caves, 20mins drive from city center. Comic Wall features consistence overhangs and technical routes, well for climber that looking for endurance training, the steep overhangs provides shade all day and all year round. You may consider climbing this wall in raining day. Take pre-caution when climbing this wall as not local favorite climbing spot, some bolts and anchors is not in good condition. This overhanging rock currently hosts around 15 routes short, but strenuous routes.

4. Nyamuk Wall , Batu Caves


Nyamuk means Mosquito in Bahasa Malaysia. Though there are lots of them here, they are decreasing rapidly as a result of the clearing of the area for climbing purposes. Nonetheless do bring along mosquito coils. The development of this crag started in Spring 2002 and the place has become the biggest and most attractive crag in Batu Caves since; check the route lists for updates. At the moment there are 60 routes, ranged from 5a – 8a+, and some projects. The routes are generally steep and long, anchors and bolts are glue-in´s… High trees provide good shade for be layer and climber and you can even climb some of the routes if the rain is not too heavy.

5. Red Rock , Batu Caves

Red Rocks is a small area to the east of Damai and is accessible on foot through the houses.

The crag is instantly recognizable from the color of its rock. The difficulty of the routes range from 5C to 7B. Most of the routes present a wide array of features involving stalagtites, stalagmites, overhangs and hidden pockets.

6. Roadshow , Batu Caves


The Roadshow section is so named because it faces directly the main road affore-mentioned. For all your exhibitionists out there, this is a good place to showcase your skill and you will be assured of an audience, who will stare and point at you from their cars while they sit in KL traffic congestion and listen to their radio. Some routes look pretty high as well. The loud traffic noise and the publicity discourage most climbers from coming here. The good part is that there are no mosquitoes.

7. Volleyball , Batu Caves

Volleyball is a beautiful piece of rock with 13 interesting routes of moderate grades. The left side of the crag offers some overhanging routes on smooth rock, while the routes at the right hand side climb through rough, grey and bombastic limestone. Unfortunately this place is often used as a dump side. From time to time the area is to be cleaned by Alam Flora, however, check the actual status before you unload your gear.

8. Whitewall , Batu Caves

The White Wall is also adjacent to Damai Wall. If you face Damai, it will lie to your left (or East). Like Red Rocks however, nature has also reclaimed the path leading up to White Wall and it is not too clear where the path is and how to get there. It is however easier to access than Red Rocks, and after you get through the short stretch of fending away dangling bits of nature, there is actually a nice flat area at the base of the White Wall that is some 3 or 4 meters wide to sit on. The White Wall looks majestic from there and there are many routes also. However, beware beware the mosquitoes, also starving, also swarming, and out to suck out every drop of blood from your body.

9. Bukit Takun , Selangor

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Bukit Takun is a beautiful gigantic limestone outcrop sitting on a granite base, surrounded by real jungle and  the Templer’s Golf Course. The Cliff is around 300m in height, the longest continuous walls are up to 230m. The crag hosts a variety of single and long multipitch routes, currently all of them situated at the east face. This place is also known for its trad routes, however, most of the routes and especially the new ones are bolted. The potential is enormous. For now (mid of 2013) the crag holds more than 80 routes featuring more than 120 pitches, making it the largest climbing area in the Klang region.

10. Lost World of Tambun , Perak


This area is located inside of the premises of the Sunway Water park at Tambun. It was developed during the Mammut/Camp5 expedition in February 2007 currently featuring about 40 routes from 4a to 9a(still project). The crag can only be accessed through the Water park, hence entrance fees are required. Currently we are working on the user concept with Sunway, to make climbing in this beautiful area easily accessible.

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