Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Sabah

Sabah has a remarkable range of activities catering to almost every market section. There are many types of family friendly activities in Sabah, and children are never bored when holidaying anywhere in Malaysia. For young couples and singles, Sabah offers a thrilling and diverse nightlife and is considered one of the culinary capitals of Malaysia. Sabah is also a world-class shopping place for shopaholics.This list shows top 10 outdoor activities in Sabah that you can try.

1. Abseiling


Abseiling, which means to rope down in German. This is one activity which will be both testing and exciting.Sabah has great outdoor rock climbing opportunities and also offers a great choice of indoor climbing opportunities.For the brave, why not try to abseil Mount Kinabalu and marvel at the spectacular sight that Mount Kinabalu has to offer. This will surely not disappoint.try Zip Borneo and abseil down their 18-meter tower and take in the beautiful and peaceful jungle and riverside views on your way down.

2. Biking


Another outdoor recreational activity which slowly attains popularity in Sabah is biking. Sabah is known for attractive roads, natural areas, cultural and historic attractions and biking is a good way to discover all this at your own pace.Want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Bring the whole family on a perfect biking activity and bask in the beautiful views that Sabah has to offer.

3. Birding


Known to have the richest habitat, the most number of bird species can be found in Lowland Forest. There is a few main bird watching areas in Sabah with this terrain, such as Danum Valley Conservation Area, Tabin Wildlife Reserve both centrally located in Lahad Datu, Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) in Sandakan and Poring Hot Springs in Ranau.For birders, this kind of terrain, you can look forward to see the endemic Bornean Bristlehead, the Scarlet Minivet, Banded Broadbill and the Red-bearded Bee-Eater. In Tabin alone, you can find 8 endemic species including the Bornean Bristlehead and Blue-banded Pitta.

4. Borneo Quad Biking


Quad biking which also known as ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is available at the Kiulu Farmstay. Explore and have joy navigating this durable looking four-wheeler through the place of the Dusun ethnic group, passing green jungles and plantation and through locals’ farms. This will sure add some memory to your gorgeous trip in Sabah.

5. Diving


Scuba diving is well on the plan to becoming one of the fastest growing recreational sports enjoyed by both the young and old. Divers travel thousands of miles to experience the stunning wonders of the underwater kingdom and where better than to the bio-diversity hotspot of Southern Asia – Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.With its sandy beaches, tropical islands, blue waters, coral reefs and atolls, Sabah has various dive sites rated to be amongst the top ten in the world and much more yet to be truly explored.

6. Climb Mount Kinabalu


The magnificent Mount Kinabalu, one of the tallest mountains in South East Asia standing at 4095.2 meters.Currently, the trail to the peak is Ranau Trail. The new trail will take climbers from Panalaban at 3,272m to Sayat Sayat at 3,668m.Then,they will continue on to the summit trail to Low’s Peak at 4,095.2m. The new trail may be further challenging than the previous trail, but climbers will be rewarded with wonderful views along the way.Ranau Trail will take an easterly course while the second trail, Kota Belud trail will take the westerly course from Laban Rata also ending at Sayat Sayat. While you do not need any special skills to climb, you must at least have the basic fitness level.

7. Golfing


Sabah’s wealth of innate beauty makes golfing here a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. From scenic courses in tranquil settings to the most challenging terrains, Sabah’s golf clubs offer a lot of experiences for the avid golfers.Today, Sabah boasts numerous golf clubs located in all corners of the State with some courses set amongst breath-taking environment and offering attractive and challenging play, whatever your handicap and levels of challenge may be. You can select to play in the city, by the sea, high above the sea level or closer to earth at the fringe of lush vegetation.

8. Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is the best way to get close to nature. It is a way for you to experience the actual beauty of nature and gain the opportunity of a lifetime to marvel at rare flora and fauna.Jungle trekking is normally a very thrilling and daring experience. Exploring the rich green forest and with the mystery that surrounds the jungles. The rainforest in Sabah is some of the oldest in the world. Exotic flora and fauna be numerous. Wild orchids of every imaginable hue. Pitcher plants that gulp down insects and flies. And the main attraction is there’s the rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

9. Parasailing

Parasailing is a recreational activity where you are able to enjoy the bird’s eyesight of the destination of your choice. Experience the sheer freedom and rush of being hosted up in the air.While attached to a canopy wing, you, in your harness, will be raised up and through the air by a moving boat. Doesn’t that scream excitement? The feeling of boundless freedom that parasailing gives is exactly why you should give this activity a try.

10. Sea Walking


The name itself is interesting and it does speak for itself. What was once unthinkable, now made likely with the help of a 35 kg helmet of course. Sea walking is a new sea sport that allows a person to enjoy the underwater world without the bother of mastering scuba skills.Sea walking allows you to admire the wonderful marine life up close and personal. Looking for an activity for the whole family, this would be perfect.

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