Top 10 Restaurants in Sabah

Don’t come to Sabah expecting to lose weight. The food scene is as diverse as its citizens, though the locals will emphasize that it’s the excellent seafood Sabah is famous for. You’ll find a lot of Chinese-style coffee shops, Indian and Malay restaurants and a growing number of smart Western and fusion options from cheap and cheerful to further up the culinary ladder.This list shows you top 10 restaurants in Sabah.

1. Kedai Kopi Kuo Man

Kuo Man restaurant has been serving homemade noodles for a long long time. Their noodle has been featured on a local food show, Axian @ Astro.Many customers like their fish paste noodle and chicken noodle, not forget a lot of customers are big fans of their beef, whichever that is they have already perfected the taste and no more complaints. They have been serving the same noodle for so many years after all.

2. Salut Seafood  Restaurant


Seafood is one of the biggest attraction in Sabah. One of the all-time local favorites, Salut Seafood Restaurant, is located about 30 minutes drive from city center.Like any other seafood restaurants, you have numerous kinds of kinds of seafood to choose from, prepared in any choice of yours. My favorite dish is simply boiled prawns.for me, I think simply boiling the prawns at it’s most natural and freshest state, is the best way to eat prawns. The sweetness of prawns fills your mouth and you will love it.

3. Catch 22


The restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Sabah and is visited by both the locals and tourists. The interiors are warmly decorated and downplay pretense. The atmosphere inside is cool and nice where you can get cozy. The lighting is quite bright giving a lively and healthy feel to the interiors. The waiting service is good and sophisticated and the staffs are genial and well trained taking care to deliver on time services. The price charged at the restaurant is based on the portions they offer. The waiters take special care of presentation as they serve. The food served is fine and delicious.

4. Restoran Masakan Sedap

Restoran Masakan Sedap is a Halal Chinese-style cooking seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu,and the main point is not a lot of seafood restaurants here got certified. So if you do mind of going to those Serve-No-Pork kinds of seafood restaurant, Restoran Masakan Sedap at Hilltop, Luyang can be your option.

5. Tasty Wok Cafe

Tasty Wok at the Venetion Club is an Oriental pork-free restaurant with reasonable prices located approximately 15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city. Diners can enjoy pure Chinese food prepared by experienced and talented chefs, who have been harnessing their culinary skills for over 15 years. One of their main dishes is the silky Kim Sha Tofu, served with a special sauce and topped with crunchy dried shrimp.

6. Welcome Seafood Restaurant

Welcome Seafood Restaurant is a supreme spot to satisfy your seafood cravings. This place is cheaper than those restaurants near Kota Kinabalu city that will overcharge poor tourists for seafood. This restaurant is quite famous with the locals. Their original branch is in Bundusan and many locals like to go there but their recent branch in Asia City is so successful that they’re packed every night they now have at least 10 shop lots at Asia City to the point that I want to rename them as Welcome City.

7. Fook Yuen Kedai Kopi

Being a Chinese style Kopitiam, there is no roti canai or nasi kandar sell here. The yum cha session here is accompanied by food in a lighter version, none other than 2 pieces of bread (roti kahwin) with a glass of cham peng (mixed iced coffee and tea) or teh tarik. Nevertheless, the charm of the bread and drink has captivated the taste buds of many, as people from all age class from senior citizens, working adults, and students cramped in the small alley with several of tables and chairs.

8. Port View Seafood Village

Port View Seafood Village can take in 250 guests at any given time, and this restaurant is divided into a big open air section and a smaller air-conditional room. Even with its large number of guests, the service at this restaurant is fast and rapid. The restaurant employs state of the art computer system. The prices are displayed on the side of each tank to help customers budget their meals more simply. Famous dishes to order are Steamed Gaoupa, Butter prawn, Steamed prawn, Deep fried soft shell Crabs, Sweet and Sour Crabs and Slipper Lobsters

9. Restoran Puteri Hang Li Po

A halal restaurant with comfortable and family’s friendly atmosphere is hard to come by in Kota Kinabalu. Apart from the popular Kak Nong, Nasi Padang Ibu and a few other Malay’s restaurant, Puteri Hang Li Po in Karamunsing Kapital is also one of the restaurants which serve halal food. Feature the Chinese Muslim and Thai cuisine, the restaurant attracts many people. Well, I would say that Puteri Hang Li Po offers a satisfying dining experience with fairly good dinner.

10. Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Gayang Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu is definitely one of the top spots for, once again highly recommended by the locals. The Gayang Seafood Restaurant is near to the seaside, which makes this place all the more search for, as the freshness and wholesomeness of the seafood are preserved.A humongous region of live display of seafood, ranging from crabs, lobsters, shrimps to fish and clams. Kai Lan and Paku Pakis are two kinds of local vegetables which can be prepared as per your selection of cooking style to go with the seafood. Their popularity can be judged from the fact that they recently upgraded and raised the standard of their premises, to give their customers value for money.

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